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Conscious Connected Breathwork (aka circular breathing)

Have you ever stopped to truly pay attention to your breath? In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to overlook the power that lies within our own breath. You often hear of deep breathing, box breathing, pranayama and other breathwork exercises that can help reduce anxiety or help create a state of calm. All of these are fabulous and helpful techniques. There are techniques that focus on activating the nervous system and techniques that focus on bringing you back to the rest and digest state. I could go on and on about different techniques, but this blog post is to focus on the power of conscious connected breathwork.  Conscious connected breathwork, or circular breathwork, is a breathing pattern that can unlock a world of benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

Let's start with the science behind it. Conscious connected breathing involves taking breaths in a continuous cycle, without pausing between inhales and exhales. The ratio of the inhale and exhale should be the same. This rhythmic pattern triggers a cascade of physiological responses in the body, including activating the sympathetic nervous system, while in a calm state, which helps increase the window of tolerance and it helps to release stress, stuck emotions, and trauma from the body. It allows us to return to parasympathetic or "rest and digest." This process physically oxygenates the cells creating sensations of revitalization.

But the benefits of conscious connected breathing extend far beyond just the physical. Many practitioners report experiencing profound emotional and spiritual transformations through this practice. By bringing awareness to our breath and maintaining a steady rhythm, we create a pathway to connect with our inner selves, quieting the chatter of the mind and tapping into our innate wisdom.

On an emotional level, conscious connected breathing can help release pent-up emotions and trauma stored in the body, allowing for healing and catharsis. By breathing through discomfort and tension, we learn to surrender and trust the process, fostering a sense of acceptance and peace within ourselves.

From a spiritual perspective, conscious connected breathing serves as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind, opening the door to expanded awareness and insights. Many practitioners describe feeling a deep sense of connection to something greater than themselves, whether it be the universe, nature, or their own inner divinity.

If you are new to breathwork it is recommended to first start with a trained facilitator who is trauma-informed, as this can be an activating experience for some. It's important to be in a space physically and emotionally where you feel safe to access the power of your breath, with someone who is trained in guiding the experience!

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