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Our Story


Kaylee Bond, MA LPCC
Cofounder, therapist, coach, board approved supervisor

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Taylor Leslie, MA LPCC
Cofounder, therapist, coach, breathwork facilitator

Becoming colleagues was chance, but bonding over our shared favorites of Kona beer and pepperoni-pineapple pizza made it fate! Our similar interests & passions surpassed the workplace; and sparked a shared purpose and vision, leading to the creation of

Interna Mental Health & Wellness.

We envisioned a collective of therapists and coaches, each embracing their unique strengths and passions. Tired of the traditional therapy "agency world," we aimed to create a space where equality and collaboration thrive. Here, therapists support each other, share referrals, and collaborate to provide transformative client experiences. Our goal is to foster a community-driven, inclusive environment that prioritizes holistic, integrative, & specialized care. 

Our mission is for our impact to extend beyond our walls of the office, starting with our local communities in Northeast Minneapolis, Eagan, and around the Twin Cities. We aspire to make a global impact by offering virtual workshops, opportunities, and hosting retreats and events worldwide, sharing the positive ripples of healing, growth, and connection.

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