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Dandelion Leaves

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Our breath, is a simple tool, that we all have access to, and it does not get enough credit for just how powerful it is! Breathwork is a healing modality that produces results and positive change at a physical, emotional, and even on a spiritual level. Below are the different breathing patterns that are incorporated into our breathwork services. 

Calming Breathing Techniques

  • calm & reset the nervous system

  • clear & balance the mind

  • create feelings of safety in the body

  • reduce fight/flight/freeze responses

  • reduce anxiety & stress

  • reduce cortisol, blood pressure, inflammation, & heart rate

Strong Breathing Techniques

  • unblock the mind

  • increase energy levels, productivity, & motivation
  • boost brain functioning
  • boost immunity & physical health
  • get "unstuck" 
  • overcome fatigue
  • connect with your body

Conscious-Connected Breathing & Healing Sessions

  • releases emotional block
  • release trauma stored in the body
  • get in touch with your authentic self & your intuition
  • connect to your intuition & body wisdom
  • some experience spiritual awakenings, psychedelic-like experiences, visions, imagery & more! 
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Disclaimer: Breathwork is not to be used as a substitute for psychotherapy or counseling.

At Interna we offer a variety of services that incorporate breathwork and the power of the breath! See what fits your needs and interests!

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